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Ukraine Trade Missions


Our Goal

The reconstruction of post-war Ukraine will have an estimated cost of $600 billion, and will require the technical expertise, technology, and manufacturing capabilities of multiple nations. The time to organize for this reconstruction is now, and, despite the danger of physical travel to Ukraine, it is possible to build the relationships needed to via virtual meetings. Companies will find opportunities to supply goods and services in the current Ukrainian environment as well as in the immediate post-war period.

This is the first in a series of virtual trade missions organized by Zaza Connect to enable companies large and small, U.S. and non-U.S., to find long-term business opportunities in post-crisis and emerging markets.

How it works

We work with you to identify your organization’s specific goals in Ukraine reconstruction, and to identify likely Ukrainian partners, as well as sources of government support and financing. We then develop and share contact information and profiles of Ukrainian companies and organizations seeking foreign partners. During the mission itself, we will hold a series of virtual one-on-one meetings with appropriate Ukrainian partners, with proper language interpretation provided as needed.


Our Team


Nataliya Mykolska

Regional Advisor, Ukraine

A visionary building bridges between Ukraine and the world, Nataliya is a strategic transformation expert that helps companies to grow internationally and a geopolitical advisor. She is a non-executive member of the Supervisory Board of Ukrhydroenergo, PJSC, the largest Ukrainian hydro-energy company. Nataliya is co-founder and CEO of Dattalion: Ukraine’s data battalion, home to the largest free and independent open-source database of photo and video footage from the war in Ukraine, as well as a database of verified eyewitnesses to the horrors of Russia’s invasion. She is also the co-founder of Trade+ Center with Kyiv School of Economics, UYAVA Fashion Collaboration Platform, and SheExports, Women Empowerment Platform. In 2018-2019, she was a visiting Fellow of the Stanford Center for Democracy Development and Rule of Law, working with Prof. Fukuyama and Amb. McFaul. Before starting her Stanford journey, Nataliya was the Trade Representative of Ukraine (Trade Minister) in 2015-2018. Before joining the Government, Nataliya was a top international trade lawyer.


Viktor Dovhan

Regional Advisor, Ukraine

An investment advisor focusing on infrastructure projects, public-private partnership and privatization. The Deputy Minister of Infrastructure of Ukraine (2016-2019), the National Secretary of TRACECA in Ukraine (2019-2021). An attorney with extensive legal advisory practice, Viktor Dovhan has experience with international commercial transactions, general corporate law, IT, agriculture, and infrastructure. He has represented clients in mergers and acquisitions, business establishment, import-export operations, and other commercial and customs matters. Viktor was a lecturing professor at Kyiv Mohyla Academy from 2006-2012 and at Kyiv Institute of International Relations from 2014-2016. He served as the Deputy Minister of Infrastructure of Ukraine from 2016-2019, the National Secretary of TRACECA in Ukraine from 2019-2021, and currently serves as the President of the Center of National Transport Strategy.

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