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Oil & Gas

Our partners work with elite engineers and contract specialists to help restructure the oil and gas sector arrangements - from burner tip calibration to specialty gas, shipping, contracts, and sales. We work with specialists in project management, project development, energy transaction structuring, and contract negotiations. With extensive knowledge of crude oil, Liquefied Natural Gas (“LNG”) and Liquefied Petroleum Gas (“LPG”) industries, as well as pipeline transportation, trading, and distribution of petroleum products our partners can advise you on numerous commercial matters in the sector.

Our partners’ specialties including negotiating the purchase and sale of Oil/LNG/LPG, terminal use agreements, vessel charter agreements, and share purchase agreements.  Our partners’ principals have also developed and managed both upstream and downstream projects and have a comprehensive knowledge of issues which impact commercial negotiations throughout the energy value chain.
Based on your needs, our partners can conduct assessments, due diligence analyses, and strategize new systems to efficiently monetize resources. From planning to implementation in the oil and gas sector, we can make your resources work for you.

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