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Government Relations

Zaza Connect has deep relationships across the US, the European Union, and the Middle East with governmental actors through which we can help translate your goals in ways governments intuitively understand. We help to provide you with strategic advice, research capabilities, and advocacy expertise to make your goals succeed.  With decades of effective narrative framing and negotiation savvy, ZC and our partners can deliver concrete improvements in the investment climate, international receptiveness to trade, and global reputation you experience.​


We provide support through:

  • Advising on pending international legislation or regulations that might impact your projects and activities, as well as tailored advice to companies and organizations on how to navigate national laws and customs

  • Jointly creating diversification strategies, growth and investment strategies, international cooperation arrangements, public-private partnerships, and private sector investment facilitation planning

  • Assisting global companies in finding private sector opportunities to invest in multiple countries throughout emerging markets and identifying market opportunities for local companies exporting to the US and EU

  • Advocating bilateral and multilateral strategies to strengthen ties across various sectors including economic growth, defense, and humanitarian assistance

  • Engaging with opinion leaders and influencers to identify and transform supporters into genuine champions of your visions

  • Conveying persuasive ideas to decision-makers to better understand opportunities to bolster mutually beneficial engagements in economic development, agriculture, healthcare, and other priority investment sectors

  • Renegotiating agreements with U.S. agencies and programs from development to defense and everything in-between

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